Tips for choosing a good domain name

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The domain name is your name on the Internet on which people finds you and remember you or your business. If you own a business, everything is easier: use the corporate name to establish your online presence. But in any case, whether personal or business websites, the choice of the domain name is crucial and should be considered long before the definition of the site itself.

A domain name is to be well prepared and it helps in the positioning of the site in search engines, and becomes a reference for users and patrons of your site. This is the first step for building a successful brand on the Internet. Some essential things that should be considered while registering domain names are given below.


1. Choose a domain name according to the subject on the site:

When choosing domain names it should be related to the subject of your website. Like keyword or anything like that. Suppose you are starting a website with niche as ‘blogging’ in this case choosing a domain name including blogger, blogger tricks, blog or anything like that.

2. Use short names for easy understanding:-

Imagine the scene: you on the phone with a potential client, now he asks the address of your site to access more detailed information about your services. You say, “Oh, write down: Besides being a long name, it is very difficult to be pronounced, remember that once on the Internet, you are open to receive contact from all audiences. Probably, this potential customer will understand a wrong letter, even if you spell it, and will not reach your site. A reasonable domain name has 8 characters on average.

3. Register your domain name in multiple extensions:-

If you can invest in various fields to register your mark, you can protect it against possible misuse by competitors or even against the unfortunate coincidence of finding another person who has adopted the same name for a site subject totally different from yours. The options are varied, both between and among national international.

4. Register variations of the name chosen:-

An idea to make sure more people from accessing your site is to avail himself of his own mistakes and register domain names varied. For example, Google, knowing that human error is a common reverse some letters of a word, recorded, and, and also

5. By using compound names, separate them with a hyphen:-

This is a hint to help search engines to classify your site according to what he really is. For example, is more efficient than

6. Avoid using commas and dots:-

Using commas and dots in your domain name will affect your traffic very much. Suppose if a person likes you site and tries to remember it. Your site will be like this Bloggertips, And when your readers remember your site and they will type like this They will not notice the commas in your domain and hence reach any other page and like this you will lose a plenty of visitors to your website and this will surely affect your search engine ranking and also traffic. If there is no traffic what is the use of your website? Think it yourselves.

7. Do not register trademarks protected:-

You may find that a well known trademark has not registered domain, but not so that you can use it. Besides being unethical, companies are provided with lawyers who can cause you headaches because of improper use of that brand.

8. Choose the most appropriate extension:-

Extension of the site is very essential. .com is the most used extension in the internet and also it is ideal for business purpose and also for best traffic to your website because most of the latest browsers will show the .com domain. For example if you want to go to you just type in the address bar blogger the automatically the will come in the website. Like this all sites will show .com domain in the browser automatically. So it is good to use .com domain for your website.

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