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Most new people are attracted towards the concept of free web hosting plan. However, it does not know the real problems that are related to the free web hosting plan, until use. We must understand that web hosting provider to offer a better service than the free servers. Install a free web hosting may be suitable for personal websites and other websites that do not depend on online advertising or sales revenues. For more information, visit the site. instant-audio-mastery. accommodation, such as prepaid services are ideal for those who are interested in the business and sell online or just want to have a professional web presence of your business.
can hunt for a suitable host site, and suddenly you feel like asking: “Why should I pay for web hosting plan, where you can easily acquire a free website for me?” Well, it all depends on the type of site you are trying. As a free hosting plan, you could ultimately disappointed with a variety of reasons. Some items are explained as follows:
1) Download time is a free popular hosting plans: It’s not uncommon to experience problems with free hosting downtime. Because you pay for the service, free hosting providers feel less obliged to offer a good service. Free web hosting providers do not actually paid to the value-free because they believe that this group is not really useful to them. Therefore, a free web hosting providers do not bother, if its users are satisfied with the service.
2) the free movement of advertising: In a free hosting service, which is certainly disturbed by the constant ads and spam all your web pages. You can even see the banner pop up when you click the link, so you hardly anything in this situation, because many servers require only those free ads to earn money. Therefore, you should be aware that these ads will reduce their professional image for the simple reason that they have chosen a free web hosting plan.
3) poor customer service: Most free web hosting providers can not be best to get customer service to its users. In this case, it is always better to rely on the FAQ page (FAQ). Frequently Asked Questions can go to their rescue if the case, live or email support for free web hosting to be refused.
4) the limited hard disk space: “Think twice before half opted for the free web hosting. If your site is large enough, you may suffer as a free web hosting was quite limited. First of all servers can provide a free hard disk space, about 5 – 10 MB. For more information, visit the site. 29-web-design-tricks. com is the difficulty in increasing their website and you are thinking of expanding your web site outside of your cubicle.
5) a long domain names: free hosting plan , customers are not allowed to use their names, such as paid hosts. Those users who choose a free hosting services are required to choose a sub-domain name server. The earth is the domain name of your site longer. Users have difficulty remembering how long the domain name. So there is risk of losing potential customers. If customers want to access your Web site, is a sign in his place instead of his memory

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