Choose Windows Hosting Or Linux Hosting

When choosing a hosting for a website it is necessary to be clear about the real needs of the project in order to make the right decision about that and here i describes some of the things that must be consider before purchasing a hosting regarding windows and Linux. When we are going to host a website we have two options for hosting. That is Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting. Most of the people who are new to the web hosting world don’t know about this type of hosting and choose anything without knowing anything about that hosting and at last they will feel that they had done a great mistake on selecting a hosting. So here in this article I will explain the main differences between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.

There are plenty of differences in these two types. Out of that only important things that should be considered are given here.

  • Hosting in Linux is mostly GPL, ie do not pay license and therefore is cheaper than in Windows. So in the matter of money Linux is much good than Windows.
  • Although it seems that everything is free in Linux but it is not entirely best in other case, it requires a control panel for hosting by which the supplier has to pay
  • A Linux hosting using Apache and a Windows is using IIS. According to most people, Apache is currently the market leader and is used in the domains hosting more uptime.
  • Apache is known for its security, but also IIS version 6 in fact has never been “rooted” but some modules if IIS and ASP.NET. IIS is one of the most secure Web servers but does not reach the level of Apache although this also has security falls.
  • At this point you could say that each of the operating systems and their languages have multiple vulnerabilities. Predict ants were found more vulnerability in Apache than IIS in the future. Although it is said that the reason to find more vulnerabilities in Apache than IIS is due to very little commercial use, most Windows servers require nearly twice the processor and memory to process the same amount of information on Linux, hence it is a standard Linux server.
  • Only Less hardware for the same and less costs needed for it. The advantage of Windows is that support services are cheaper and a Linux system administrator usually charges much more than Windows. There are many bugs in this system so vulnerabilities detected are not bad. On the contrary, it means that each bug is found by plugging a new bug or security hole.
  • According to many people, you can use php on a Windows hosting, but not ASP.NET on a Linux hosting, but many more say that this is false, just to have installed mono and applications which run on Linux without any inconvenience, but many others says that these applications does not work as well in Windows server.

Finally we can reach a conclusion that each of these operating systems offer a good service, each has advantages both had been presented and have multiple quantities of vulnerabilities, some already solved and other still undiscovered. SO the decision is yours. You can select whatever among this. But before choosing you must do a research on this.

In my opinion Linux hosting is much better than Windows. While comparing to windows hosting Linux is more user friendly and cheap. What You Think On this let me know your views on this?

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